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* as compared to envelopes that have traditional typed addresses

The Nations premier provider of Handwritten

Think Ink Marketing has revolutionized the direct mail industry. While traditional mail has little impact on the recipient and is often thrown away, Think Ink’s custom handwriting services can take your marketing piece to the next level. The result is a substantial increase in response rates and a better return on your investment. Think Ink is the largest handwritten mail operation in the industry and has the capacity to handle projects of any size (from 5,000 pieces to 5,000,000 pieces.)

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Actual pen on paper personalized marketing

Choose any pen and paper type... ball point, felt, etc...


Over 25 years experience with proven results

Think Ink Marketing is the largest handwritten direct mail operation in the industry. With over 2000 handwriters, we can complete projects of any size efficiently and accurately. We routinely produce hundreds of thousands of direct mail pieces each week, and our high capacity operation allows us to keep our prices lower than our competitors. Think Ink understands the importance of getting your job done on time, even if it requires a quick turnaround time or a high volume of pieces.

Quality COntrol

Think Ink also utilizes 12 quality control checkpoints to ensure that each mailing is executed accurately and on schedule. Whether you’re looking to enhance an existing marketing strategy or starting from scratch, you can be assured that we’ll make your next direct mail campaign an unrivaled success

Personalized Hand Addressing

The most effective way to get you mail opened and read

At the core of Think Ink Marketing’s groundbreaking approach to direct mail is our personalized handwriting service. No other company has the ability to create and produce the wide range of handwritten mail pieces that we offer.

Think Ink Hand addressed envelope with post-it-note

  • 200%-500% more responses
  • Warm and Friendly
  • Curious who would take time to hand write a note
  • Customers can see and feel that you’ve put in the time and effort to delight them with a personal touch
  • Hand Addressing gives your customers a reason to talk about you online and with colleagues, friends, family and their wider network.
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More than addressing

We also specialize in handwritten...

Addressing Letters Sticky Notes Cards

While others are limited to just offering hand addressed envelopes, we provide a wide variety of handwriting services from personalized notes and greeting cards to invitations, post-its and hand-signed letters

Go Beyond the Envelope and Be Creative

While hand-addressed envelopes and handwritten signatures are effective strategies, we can also handwrite any part of your marketing piece, from personalized notes, post-its and appointment cards to fully handwritten letters, greeting cards and more. Think Ink produces millions of handwritten mail pieces each month, and our attention to detail and rigorous quality standards ensure that every piece looks great and will get noticed by prospective customers.

Think handwriting by humans is too expensive?

Save time and money with our Real Pen Addressing Machines!

Handwritten direct mailing can boost responses by over 30% and achieve 99.1% open rates. However, this service can be a little expensive and time consuming for limited marketing budgets and schedules. Think Ink’s Mechanical Pen Addressing Mailer provides a cost saving, alternative solution. Its also great for larger jobs (5,000 or more)!

Discover how we can boost your exposure to the right type of client, for less!

Think Ink Marketing is the Pioneer and Premier Provider of Personalized Marketing Solutions, with a unique and proven ability to Get Nearly 100% of Your Target Market to “Open, Read & Respond” to Your Offers. 

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