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How To Get The

Best Roofing Leads

In Your Area

Learn Highly Responsive & Turnkey Approaches PROVEN to Make A Lasting Impression & Create New Customers.



Learn how to generate a steady flow of qualified leads

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Proven to be the most effective way to get an endless supply of high quality ROOFING leads that easily convert into sales.

Think Ink Marketing has revolutionized the way to attract new customers for roofing companies. Our custom handwritten personalization services can take your marketing piece to the next level. The result is a substantial increase in response rates and a better return on your investment.

Target Audience Reached
1 %
Cost Per Lead Reduction
1 %
Increase in Call-ins
1 x's

As compared to traditional roofing advertising. Recent case studies have shown remarkable results like these. Individual results may vary.

Think Ink's Roofing Strategies are designed to...

increase your company's exposure

Discover what media gets the most Bang for the Buck. Some as high as a 99% Exposure rate.

hit your target audience for less

Get the lowest price for HOMEOWNER DIRECT leads.

Marketing TIPS THAT Really WORK

See how little things like a genuine hand addressed envelope GETS IT OPEN & GETS IT READ!

Generate More Calls, GET MORE SALES

Find out how to get, on average, 3x's the number of customer calls.


Discover how genuine handwritten features can DOUBLE response rates.

No Gimmicks

Always a professional and respectful tone. Make happy customers for life with these proven strategies.

Whats our secret?

We Start With A Personal Approach

We get your message in front decision making homeowners
and get them to read it!


Think Ink's Personalized Hand Addressed Envelope and "First Class" stamp

  • 200%-500% more responses
  • Warm and Friendly
  • Curious who would take time to hand write a note
  • Customers can see and feel that you’ve put in the time and effort to delight them with a personal touch
  • Handwritten letters give your customers a reason to talk about you online and with colleagues, friends, family and their wider network.

First Class Looking Stamp

Our Stamp look like a real .55 Cent First Class Stamp - But at our Special .24 Cent Bulk Price!*

homeowner view rate
1 %

its a proven fact

Our personal approach

helps convert leads into sales

Think handwriting is too expensive?

Save time and money with "Real Pen-on-paper" Addressing Machines!

Handwritten direct mailing can boost responses by over 300% and achieve 99.25% open rates. However, this service can be a little expensive and time consuming for limited marketing budgets and schedules. Think Ink’s Mechanical Pen Addressing Mailer provides a cost saving, alternative solution. Its also great for larger jobs (5,000 or more)!

Personalized Leads convert EASIER than other leads 2 to 1

It’s true!  When you have a more personal connection with your  potential customer, they are 5 times easier to  convert to a real customer.  Plus our strategies leave a better and more lasting impression on potential leads.  If they are not be ready to purchase now they will for sure remember your for future sales.

Think Inks Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Data Analytics

Target only QUALIFIED potential customers with our state-of-the-art data demographic metrics.

The most successful marketing campaigns rely on excellent data to ensure that the right mail piece is in the hands of the right prospect at the right time. We can assist you in identifying the target audience for your business, purchasing relevant mailing lists, and developing a tactical plan for how and when your mail should be delivered. We can also work with your existing customer lists and sales data to create multiple marketing strategies for product launches, seasonal promotions and sales.

as a bonus you also get

TIPS the pros

advertising pro tips

Quick-To-Implement Tips that can be immediately used to generate never before seen calls and roofing consultations.

easy pre-built ad packages

Roofing Industry Specific Marketing Packages that will attract high quality leads for less than Home Advisor or Angies List.

customer testimonials



Learn how to generate a steady flow of qualified roofing leads

Get your FREE Report!
Just tell us where to send it!

We never share your data!

Discover how we can boost your exposure to the right type of client, for less!

Think Ink Marketing is the Pioneer and Premier Provider of Personalized Marketing Solutions, with a unique and proven ability to Get Nearly 100% of Your Target Market to “Open, Read & Respond” to Your Offers. 

Think Ink Marketing manages over 2,000 Hand Writers (real people!) and more than 360 Mechanical Pens that “Genuinely” Hand Address and Personalize Millions of Mail Pieces per year.